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Are you Working from Home?


It is so nice to be able to work from home. You do not have a boss looking over your shoulder. Working directly for a boss takes some learning. In some cases you need to learn how your boss thinks, what his reaction to certain situation will be, what he likes and do not like. The most difficult is to learn and understand the mood swings – wow.

My questions to workers from home is; do you know how you think – do you know how you react in certain situations and how it is perceived – do you know what you like and do not like – and what about your mood swings? The point is: do you know yourself?

Do you want to work from home or do you want to play around? Do you realize that you have a greater responsibility working from home? No job security – pension – medical and other benefits. This is now your responsibility. Getting promotion or a raise is your responsibility. Providing for the future lies in your hands.

What do you expect from yourself? Do you expect yourself to be on time, to work according to a schedule, to do what needs to be done, to invest in yourself (self-improvement) and to invest in your business (expansion, advertising, professional tools, etc.)?

If you have a clear vision, faith in yourself and the willingness to take action and become a successful business person, then follow us at Team HinvestA. Membership of the team is free for life and you will be amazed at what you get for free. Just complete the opt-in form in the right sidebar of any of the main pages on my website or in the Home Page.


Collectively Towards Success,


(Founder, Owner and Chairman)

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To be a Maverick or a Sheep

Written by Herman van Niekerk


Are thing not going as well as you would like? I can assume that because for 98% of those who start Network Marketing it is certainly the case. The question is; why do 98% struggle and what can you do to ensure that you are not one of them?

My experience is that 98% fail because they start off the wrong way, or they don’t get started at all. They wander about, working on whatever they “feel” like doing every day. They fall victim to those who promise them big payouts for little or no work. They become the sheep of the Network Marketing world.

The other group is the 2% crowd. They know that their time is their most valuable asset. They utilize their time towards achieving their goals. They are teachable and creative. They are what I would call the mavericks.

By the very name, the 98% is the mass crowd. The 2% are the exception.

The 2% will take the right direction and the 98% will follow the crowd.

Each day you will have to make choices. What will be your choice – upward or downward? The actions that you choose to take will determine your destination.

Moving upwards is the tougher route. But it is the only way that leads to desired achievements. This will mean that you are going to spend time doing things you don’t really like. You are also going to learn new things. You will need to get out of your comfort zone.

Moving downward is easy and you will have lots of company along the way. In fact 98% will be right by your side wasting time on useless activities because they enjoy it. Hours will feel like minutes and yet you will achieve nothing.

Who do you want to be – a Maverick or just another Sheep? Do you want to led by someone not remotely interested in your goals or are you the one who is going to be the leader? Today is the first day of the rest of your life. It is not to late to make your decision Now!

Collectively Towards Success,


(Founder, Owner and Chairman)

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